Eagle Process

Please use this as a ‘reference guide’ to complete your Eagle Scout Leadership Project. Obviously, depending on the type of project, the steps below may change a bit. Also, utilize the information located here, Eagle Scout Advancement, as your definitive guide for obtaining your Eagle Rank. As always, you have the entire Troop to lean on for help and guidance. Additional resources can be found here, http://eaglescout.org/index.htm, not a BSA site but still a lot of information.

Eagle Scout Workbook and Application can be found here:


Current District Eagle Rep.:

Jim Diebold

(513) 444-0067


Eagle Scout Leadership Project Process

  1. Consider multiple project ideas
  2. Discuss ideas with Project Coach and Scoutmaster
  3. Revise and finalize project ideas
  4. Design & Plan Project – Draft Proposal in Eagle Project Workbook
  5. Obtain Permits (if needed)
  6. Develop Cost Estimate
  7. Complete Project Proposal & Get Signed by Beneficiary, Scoutmaster, Committee Chair & District Representative
  8. If Fundraising is Required, if not skip to #9
    1. Fill out Fund Raising Form and have it signed by Beneficiary & Council
    2. Raise Funds
    3. Write thank you notes to donors
  9. Complete Final Plan with input from Project Coach
  10. Begin Project Execution
    1. Collect supplies
    2. Purchase Materials
    3. Schedule work days
  11. Build/install project
  12. Complete Final Project Report in Eagle Workbook
  13. Obtain signature from Beneficiary on Final Report
  14. Forward any unused funds to Beneficiary

Eagle Scout Rank Application Process

  1. Once Eagle Project has been completed, obtain the current version of the Eagle Application. List on the Eagle Application Merit Badges earned and the date. If date is not known see Unit Advancement Coordinator. Eagle Scout Application can be printed from Scoutbook with most dates filled in.
  2. Complete Scoutmaster Conference
    1. Provide Unit Advancement Coordinator with reference names and contact info in req #2. if the Scout wishes to write the letters himself, they should be sent to the Advancement Coordinator.
  3. Eagle Scout Application signed by Scout, Scoutmaster, and Unit Committee Chairman
  4. Eagle Application and Ambition Statement go to Dan Beard Council for verification and signature. A cover sheet will be given which is needed in step 6
  5. Once the reference are received, the Unit Advancement Coordinator will be contacted to schedule Board of Review. Upon completion, Eagle Scout Application will signed by Eagle Board Chair and District Rep.
  6. Troop forwards Reference letters, Eagle Workbook and Application, and Statement of Ambition to Dan Beard Council
  7. Dan Beard Council sends Eagle Application to National Council in Texas for approval
  8. Upon return from National, Eagle Court of Honor may be scheduled